Listen Up!

Music has always been quite important to me. I've come to think of it as a kind of language. I also believe that everybody who enjoys music is inherently a musician. I don't buy the "I can't play" line. If a person enjoys playing it, then it's music.

I've been in a number of bands since the early eighties.
Here are a few, roughly in chronological order:

I've probably left a couple out. Two of the more productive incarnations were Pyramid of Cows and The Frail Sisterhood. Both of these bands should probably get web pages of their own. There is a Frail Sisterhood CD, Too Loud To Dream, but only a couple non-commercial copies exist.

MFD Slaughterhouse is the most current project. It is by far and away the most productive of any of our music projects. We produced about 7 CDs over at before it sold out. Since then we've recorded hundreds of new tunes, but haven't released any CDs, though several recent songs are always available at our web site.

The foundation of MFD Slaughterhouse is a "do it now" philosophy. All of our work was released "as-is" within a day of it's conception, with very little time for second takes. Now we might take an extra week or so to mix things down, though we hardly ever re-record anything. Maybe we'll get back to them someday. Maybe.

*There is another band out called Helen Keller. That's not the band I was in. Maybe they should know we used the name during the '80s. But that's the past. They're using the name and we're not. I wish them luck, if they're still together.